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Russian President Vladimir Putin drove over the Crimean Bridge to inspect the section of the bridge that had been bombed

Hangzhou network Release time: 2022-12-06 10:26

The World Wide Web reported that, according to “Russia Today” (RT) reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin inspected the repair work of the Crimean bridge at 5 am local time, passed the deck of the repaired bridge and met the construction workers. In October this year, the Crimean Bridge, the “Project of the Century”, was bombed to shock the world, and restoration work on the bridge has been ongoing ever since.

RT said that before inspecting the bridge that day, Putin met with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Husnurin, who is in charge of overseeing the repair of the bridge. Husnulin told Putin that the bridge section had been repaired. After that, Putin drove the car through the repaired bridge road.

On October 8 this year, a truck on the road bridge of the Crimean Bridge exploded, setting fire to seven oil tanks on a freight train on the railway bridge parallel to the road bridge; part of the road bridge was damaged. In reporting on this matter, the media have almost all mentioned the extraordinary significance of the Crimean Bridge for Russia: it is not only a key supply line for the Russian military, but also a symbol of Russian control of the Crimean peninsula. On October 9, Putin, after hearing the investigation into the Crimean Bridge explosion by the chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee Bastyrykin, said that the explosion on the Crimean Bridge was planned and implemented by the Ukrainian secret services. civil infrastructure”.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry confirmed on social media on Oct. 8 that there had been an explosion on the Crimean Bridge, but did not comment further. Ukraine’s Interfax news agency quoted a Ukrainian law enforcement source as saying the explosion of the bridge in Crimea was a special operation by the Security Service of Ukraine. According to an Oct. 20 report by the US Washington Observer, Ukrainian President Zelensky denied that Ukraine was the mastermind of the Crimean bridge bombing. However, US media reports claimed that Zelensky used the phrase “as far as I know” when answering this question, leaving room for the fact that this matter may have been implemented without his knowledge.

source:Global Times Author: Reporter Zhang Xiaoya Editor: Apprentice Editor Li Bing

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