“Russian President Putin vows to respond to drone attacks on Moscow”

After the drone attacks that hit the capital, Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to respond.

He said in statements today, Tuesday, that these attacks targeted civilian sites in the capital, stressing that it was an attempt to intimidate Russian citizens and the entire country, stressing that Moscow reserves the right to respond.

Attacks on Moscow

He also praised Russia’s air defense, stressing that it had worked properly to counter the attacks, and promised to further strengthen the country’s air defense systems.

In addition, he revealed that these Ukrainian drone attacks came in response to the Russian forces targeting two days ago the headquarters of the intelligence service in Kiev, according to what was reported by AFP.

The West deceived us

Likewise, the Russian president considered that Western countries deceived his country when it promised not to expand NATO to the east, and then it reached Ukraine.

“Not only did they deceive us and tell us that there would be no further eastward movement by NATO, but they also reached Ukraine. In 2014, as you know, they staged a coup and started, simply, eliminating everyone who somehow or other wanted to build normal relations with Russia,” he said. Ramosko, in addition, started a war in the Donbass.

The most severe actions

In turn, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, and the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the country reserves the right to take the most severe measures in response to the Ukrainian attacks with marches.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry considered that the West’s statements that Ukraine will not attack Russian lands are mere hypocrisy. It believed that the increasing Western support pushed the Ukrainian forces towards reckless criminal actions.

Damage to a building in Moscow as a result of the drone attacks today (Reuters)

Earlier today, Kiev denied any connection to those attacks. “Of course we are glad to see these attacks on Moscow, and we expect their increase,” said advisor to the Ukrainian president, Mykhailo Podolak, to the “Breakfast Show” channel on YouTube, but added, “Of course, we have no direct relationship with them,” according to Reuters.

Violent attacks on Kyiv

It is noteworthy that the drone attacks on Moscow came after Kiev was subjected to several attacks during the past days, the last of which was with more than 20 drones on Monday night.

Some time ago, attacks increased on the Russian-Ukrainian border and inside Russia as well, whether through marches or missiles.

While Moscow accused Kiev of being involved, the latter denied targeting Russian lands, especially since many Western countries supporting Ukraine, which have lavished weapons and advanced missile systems on it, have linked this aid to the condition that it does not target the Russian interior.

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2023-05-30 13:13:00

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