Russian occupiers carried out airstrikes in Kharkiv region | Shelling, airstrikes, reconnaissance

Shelling, airstrikes, reconnaissance – and no attempts to advance. This is what information looks like General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on enemy activities in the Kharkov region.

“In the Kharkov direction (the enemy) fired from barrel and rocket artillery at the areas of Prudyanka, Slatino, Pitomnik, Petrovka, Korobochkino, Mospanova and Zamulovka. Inflicted air strikes near Upper Saltov and Lebyazhye. He conducted aerial reconnaissance of the UAV in the areas of the settlements of Lesnoye, Pitomnik, Ryasne, Protopopovka, Prishib and Nortsovka, ”the General Staff reported in the morning report.

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Shelling also took place in the south of the region: the areas of Suligovka, Karnaukhovka and Vernopolye were under attack.

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