“Russian occupation troops connect island to Kherson region for military use”

“According to confirmed information, the Russian occupation troops connected the island of Dzharylgach with the occupied mainland of the Kherson region in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Lazurnoe, filling the crossing to the island with sand,” the report says.

The General Staff added that this was done in order to more intensively use the protected area of ​​the national park for military needs. In particular, the invaders set up a military training ground on the island.

The situation in Crimea

The Russians use Crimea as a military base and training ground in the war against Ukraine. In addition, they keep ships in the Black Sea from which they launch missiles and guided bombs across Ukraine.

We add that, judging by satellite images and Ukrainian intelligence data, the Russians are preparing for the defense of Crimea, as they dug kilometers of trenches and trenches and mined the territory.

In addition, explosions have recently become more frequent in Crimea, which occur on the railway or in places where military facilities of the occupiers are located. So, this morning, the invaders said that they allegedly found the wreckage of an unknown drone on the railway in the Dzhankoy region.

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2023-05-19 16:01:55

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