Russian missile destroys Western arms shipments to Ukraine

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Russia claiming his troops succeeded in destroying the massive arms shipment in Zhytomyr, Ukraine with long-range missiles today, Saturday (21/5).

The weapons were sent from the United States and a number of European countries to help Ukraine face the onslaught of Russia, which has continued to rage since the invasion took place last February.

“High-precision long-range sea-based Kalibr missiles destroyed a large number of weapons and military equipment near the Malin railway station in the Zhytomyr region sent from the United States and European countries,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. AFP.

Russia’s defense ministry said the supplies were destined for Ukrainian troops in the eastern Donbas region, a Russian-speaking area partially controlled by pro-Moscow separatists since 2014. It is now the scene of some of the fiercest fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

It is known, Moscow sent troops to Ukraine on February 24. They claim to aim to “eliminate fascism” from the pro-Western state and protect Russian-speaking citizens there.

Since the Russian invasion took place, Western countries have competed to supply Ukraine with weapons, including artillery, anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank weapons and other powerful materials.

However, Ukraine has urged Western countries to send more weapons following Russia’s incessant attacks.

More than 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers who have been trapped in the Azovstal steel factory, Mariupol, are reported to have surrendered to Russia.

Ukrainian troops have suspended combat operations against Russia in Mariupol, particularly at the Azovstal factory, in order to open an evacuation route for civilians who have been trapped in the factory in recent weeks.

Russia even claimed a big win over Mariupol after controlling the Azovstal steel factory.


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