Russian “Health”: Those who received the Corona vaccine remain in the circle of infection transmission

Dmitry Lyusenov, Acting Director of the Influenza Research Institute at the Russian Health Care Ministry, said during a recent press conference, that a person who is vaccinated against an emerging coronavirus infection may still be a carrier of the disease, and therefore all preventive measures must be observed in all cases, according to the agency reported.TassRussian.

Lyusnov added: “A healthy individual who received a vaccine against Corona infection can be a carrier of the virus, but without development and temporarily, so the person who has been vaccinated must adhere to all preventive measures to combat the epidemic so that it is not a cause of transmission to other people.”

Corona Vaccine

The Chargé d’Affairs to the Influenza Research Institute at the Russian Health Care Ministry stated that it is a requirement for an individual to obtain a full dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, i.e. he has received the two recommended doses, in order for us to consider him to have taken the virus vaccination, indicating that after the second dose of the vaccine is given, the person must spend At least three weeks, after which he is considered already immune to infection with Covid-19, meaning that his immune system has already responded to the vaccine, and before all these stages the person remains a carrier of the Corona virus and to a higher degree.

Russia is the first country to approve its Coronavirus vaccine, “Sputnik.” vIt has also conducted several experiments on its vaccine in a large number of countries of the world.

It is worth noting that since the beginning of the epidemic, about 100.3 million people have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, and more than 2.1 million people have died, and Russia has documented 3774672 cases of Coronavirus, 3202483 patients have recovered and 71,076 deaths.

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