Russian gas for Moldova will rise in price four times

Russian gas for Moldova will rise in price four times

Earlier, Moldova bought gas from Russia at $ 200 per thousand cubic meters, but now the contract has expired.

In October, Moldova will buy gas from Russia at $ 790 per thousand cubic meters, although it paid $ 200 before. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Andrei Spinu, informs RIA Novosti agency on Friday, October 1.

Thus, gas prices for Moldova have risen almost fourfold.

“Until a long-term contract is concluded, the tariff for the population will not change. We are negotiating a contract on more favorable terms,” ​​Spinu explained.

Note that the gas contract between Russia and Moldova expired on September 30.

Recall that earlier gas price hit a record $ 1,200… For the first time in history, the cost of gas reached EUR 100 per MWh, or almost USD 1,200 per thousand cubic meters.

It was also reported that Gazprom’s production peaks in 13 years… The Russian monopoly company in nine months ensured the growth in gas production promised for the entire 2021.

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