Russian Federation to Begin Mass Production of Kh-50 Air-Launched Cruise Missiles

“It should be noted that, according to available data, in June this year the Russian Federation plans to start mass production of strategic air-launched cruise missiles of the Kh-50 type, which will allow the Kremlin to intensify missile strikes on the territory of our country in the autumn,” Gromov said.

What is known about the X-50 missiles

According to Russian sources, the new Kh-50 cruise missile will be able to hit targets at ranges up to 1,500 kilometers.

It is subsonic, using the Kh-101 strategic missile guidance system. Unlike the X-101, the X-50 has a smaller airframe.

This rocket has a length of six meters and a mass of about 1600 kilograms, its cruising speed is 700 kilometers per hour (maximum – 950). The carriers of the X-50 are Tu-22M3 bombers, as well as strategic Tu-95MS and Tu-160.

Recall that recently Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov said that the number of missiles in Russia has decreased to the most critical level.

In addition, according to Ukrainian military intelligence estimates, Russia is not capable of conducting massive missile attacks on Ukraine more than twice a month.

More details about how many missiles remain in Russia and does the enemy have time to replenish supplies – read in the material RBC-Ukraine.

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