Russian army shells Kherson Information about military departure from Belarus | Reuters

On December 28, according to the Ukrainian military, Russian forces fired 33 rockets at non-military targets in Kherson, a key strategic point in southern Ukraine, in 24 hours until dawn on December 28. FILE PHOTO: A picture taken on a day in Kherson, June 2022. REUTERS/Anna Voitenko

[キーウ/バフムト(ウクライナ) 28日 ロイター] – According to the Ukrainian military, the Russian military fired 33 rockets at a non-military target in Kherson, a key strategic point in southern Ukraine, in 24 hours until dawn on the 28th.

Russian forces are reportedly shelling a populated area on the right bank of the Dnieper near Kherson.

Russia denies attacking civilians.

Reuters was unable to independently confirm the Ukrainian military statement.

Russian forces abandoned Kherson last month. The recapture of Kherson was one of Ukraine’s most notable victories, but Ukrainian military analysts say Russia is stepping up its offensive.

Ukrainian authorities said an air raid warning had been issued across the country on Saturday morning. Information is circulating on SNS (exchange site) that the alarm was triggered by a Russian plane taking off from Belarus. Reuters could not confirm this information.

According to the latest analysis of the British Ministry of Defense on the situation in Ukraine, the Russian army has been trying to rebuild the Kreminna front, overwhelmed by the recent Ukrainian offensives.

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