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Russian agents hacked the key Ukrainian company in the ‘impeachment’ against Trump | U.S


The Ukrainian gas company that is at the center of the scandal that has led to impeachment Donald Trump was hacked by Russian Defense secret services last November, according to an American security company in a report released this Monday. The pirates launched a campaign of phishing to get passwords from Burisma employees, the firm that Hunter Biden worked for years, son of the former vice president and today presidential candidate Joe Biden. Although the analysis does not conclude what data they found or were looking for exactly, the type of operation and the moment in which it is launched indicate that the objective was the Democrat.

Area 1 Security, the California company that has carried out the investigation, points to the Central Intelligence Department (GRU, in the old acronym with which it is usually known), also responsible division, according to intelligence and justice services from the United States, from hacking to the mail services of the Democratic Party in the 2016 elections. Theft of emails of the Democrats was one of the great legs of the interference campaign that sought to favor the victory of Republican Trump over his rival, Hillary Clinton. Information on Hunter Biden, whose employment and high salary at the gas station was very controversial, could also be potentially harmful to the father’s career at the White House.

To get information from the Ukrainian gas company, the hackers They used common techniques such as diverting to fake web pages, identical to those that users routinely use, in order to enter their usernames and passwords. “In this campaign the GRU specifically looked for the data of the emails of employees of Burisma Holdings and its affiliated companies and partners. The stolen credentials allow the GRU to disguise itself as users of specific emails and access the data contained in the email accounts”, indicates the Area 1 Security report.

The firm’s chief executive, Oren Falkowitz, insisted on statements to the US media that they could not conclude if the Biden were the target of this campaign, although the fact of the piracy was “indisputable.”

Trump’s political trial focuses on whether he used his presidential power to try to damage the electoral possibilities of the Democratic candidate and gain advantages for reelection in 2020. Specifically, the House of Representatives has accused the president of abuse of power by pressing to the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelensky, to announce an investigation into Burisma, coming to use military aid to this country – which froze for weeks without clear motives – as a currency of exchange. The president also faces the obstruction charge to Congress for torpedoing the entire investigation.

The lower house, of democratic majority, is ready to vote this week the transfer of charges to the Senate, where the trial itself will be held against Trump and his acquittal is taken for granted thanks to the Republican majority. President Trump has even asked to dismiss the charges and trial of the impeachment Don’t be celebrated as such.



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