Russia vows to find the killer of the soldier who surrendered Ukraine


Russia he vowed to find and punish those responsible for the charges execution dead soldiers surrendering to Ukrainian troops. This was communicated after the emergence of videos which appeared to show the execution.

“There is no doubt that Russia itself will look for the perpetrators of this crime. They must be found and punished,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, as reported by the media. Press televisionTuesday (11/22/2022).

Videos that appeared on social media last week showed bodies Russian Army who died after surrendering to the troops Ukrainesays Moscow.

Ukrainian authorities have admitted the soldiers were shot after what was called a mock surrender, but denied responsibility for their killings.

Russia “will do everything within the framework of international mechanisms to draw attention to this crime,” Peskov said.

The Russian Defense Ministry condemned the executions which appeared to be “war crimes”. The ministry said last week that the video showed the “intentional killing” of more than 10 servicemen.

Moscow accuses Ukraine of committing “war crimes” for “executing” Russian soldiers.

Ministry of Defence Russia he stated that these “brutal killings” were not the “first and not the only war crimes” committed by Ukrainian troops.

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[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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