Russia threatens to stop the Zaporiza nuclear power plant… Refusal to visit the IAEA

Russia, which has taken over Ukraine’s Zaporiza nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, has refused to visit the International Atomic Energy Agency, threatening to shut down the nuclear power plant.

According to the Tass and Sputnik news agency, Vladimir Rogov, a senior official in the Zaporiza administration appointed by Russia, said in an interview on the 12th local time, “We will protect the nuclear power plant from the Ukrainian attack. We can relieve the burden on this liberated region,” he said.

It also claimed that the Ukrainian military was deliberately targeting the cooling system. “If the system malfunctions, uncontrollable procedures can begin and the reactor can be shut down,” he said.

Russia has rejected both the International Atomic Energy Agency’s visit to the Zaporiza nuclear power plant and the G7’s demands to return control of the nuclear power plant to Ukraine.

The Zaporiza nuclear power plant complex, which was occupied by Russian forces in early March, right after Russia invaded Ukraine, was bombarded one after another last week, raising concerns from the international community.

[사진 출처 : AP=연합뉴스]

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