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ABOVE: Many Russians crossed the border from Russia to Georgia last week.

Thousands of Russian men are doing what they can to escape Putin’s mobilization. In Georgia, the FSB has deployed forces, but denies that they are there to prevent young people from leaving the country.


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The Russian newspaper RBC mentions the deployment of the FSB on the border with Georgia. They wrote Monday that the FSB border office confirms that a troop carrier was moving towards the border.

They also quote them as saying that this is solely to ensure that people do not cross the border and leave the country without going through formalities such as passport control. The FSB says no travel restrictions have been introduced for military-age male citizens. They deny it’s a roadblock.

But second Financial Times activists and lawyers report that border guards are already barring some men from traveling based on their fitness for service.

20 kilometers of queue

Georgian Guard of democracy and freedom writes that eyewitnesses say the FSB has set up a roadblock to check whether those attempting to cross have been called into service or meet the criteria for partial mobilization. Those who do are sent home, they describe.

Shortly after Putin ordered partial mobilization, flights out of Russia began be exhausted. Many are now trying to cross the border by car. The longest queues are on the border with Georgia.

On Monday, Insider released satellite images showing the tail of more than 20 kilometers:

He also writes on Monday RBC that Russians trying to travel to Georgia cannot cross the border on foot: they must have a vehicle or, for example, cross by bicycle, as many asylum seekers did in Storskog, Finnmark, during the 2015 refugee crisis.

Fear of border stops

Over the weekend, the Russian independent online newspaper wrote Jellyfish that the Russian authorities are preparing to close the borders to all men of working age.

According to the newspaper’s sources, this will happen later the “referendums” in the occupied territories. They write that the plan is that men of working age must then obtain permission from military registration offices to leave Russia.

The referendum ends on Tuesday 27 September.

Here’s how last week’s dramatic development in the Russian war of aggression that lasted more than six months unfolded:

The seas: This is how Russia justifies the escalation of the war.

He says minorities become cannon fodder

The mobilization was chaotic, sparking fear and confusion. Among other things, it has been reported that it is disproportionately high in poor areas with many ethnic minorities compared to the rest of the country.

Both in Dagestan in the North Caucasus and in the Republic of Yakutia there were demonstrations during the weekend.

According to The Moscow Times On Monday, people in Dagestan gathered again to protest the mobilization.

In a video discussed by CNN, among others, which geolocated in Makhachkala, the capital of the Muslim-majority region, several women shout “no war” to the police. You can also hear them say “Why are you bringing our children? Who attacked whom? It is Russia that attacked Ukraine “according to CNN.

It tells of a giant tail in Mongolia

On social media, several people have also said that there is a queue from Buryatia to neighboring Mongolia, which is not far away. The Buryats are a Mongolian people. One resident described another gigantic queue over the weekend Al Jazeeraand says it looked like the border guards were working slowly on purpose.

In a speech broadcast on video Friday, former Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj asked Putin to stop the war, he writes. Foreign policy.

– Today you are fleeing brutality, cruelty and probable death. Tomorrow you will start liberating your country from dictatorship. I know that since the beginning of this bloody war, the ethnic minorities living in Russia have suffered the most. The Burjat Mongols, Tuva Mongols and Kalmyk Mongols suffered a lot. They were used as nothing more than cannon fodder.

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