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In Russia in 2020, 1,598,825 new passenger cars were sold. This figure is 9.1% less than in 2019. As for December, this month the market fell 2.1% to 166,666 units. The relevant data are provided by the Association of European Businesses (AEB).

The organization said that compared to other European markets, the fall in Russia looks “insignificant”. In addition, car sales on the Russian market, unlike other countries, showed negative results last year only in the second quarter. The Russian market in 2020 was the fourth in terms of sales in Europe (in 2019 Russia was in fifth place).

“2020 turned out to be one of the most difficult years for the Russian automotive market: new car sales exceeded the previous year by only 4 months. Despite all the difficulties, in terms of sales dynamics in 2020, Russia showed one of the best results among the largest automotive markets in the world. This year has confirmed the very strong position and long-term interest of automakers in the Russian market, as well as the critical importance of government support measures for the sustainability of the automotive business in Russia, ”explained Thomas Stärzel, Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee.

Most of all cars last year were sold under the Lada brand – 343,512 units. This figure is 5% less than in 2019. Then Lada was able to sell 362 356 of its cars. Kia is in second place: -11% and 201,727 cars sold.

Hyundai closes the top three with a result of 163,244 cars. This is 9% less than the figures of the year before last, when the Koreans sold 178,809 of their cars on the Russian market. This is followed by Renault (128 408 units) and Volkswagen (100 171 units).

In the premium segment in 2020, only two brands were able to demonstrate growth. BMW sold 42,721 vehicles in a year (+ 2.9%), and Cadillac – 1,424 vehicles (+ 46.1%).

Porsche sold 5.2% fewer vehicles in 12 months – 5,711 units. Sales of the Swedish Volvo fell by 9.3% and amounted to 8,025 cars.
In turn, Lexus sold 20,586 vehicles (-8.1%). Audi sold 15,247 vehicles during the reporting period, which is 6.6% less than in 2019. Infiniti sold 1,892 cars last year (-45.6%). Jaguar figures fell to 963 units (-44.6%). Genesis sold 1,286 of its vehicles last year, down 43.5% from 2019. Mercedes-Benz sold 38 815 vehicles in a year (-7.7%).

At the end of 2020, the most popular model was Lada Granta. During the year, the Russians purchased 126,112 of these cars against 135,831 vehicles a year earlier. The second line is occupied by Lada Vesta (107,281), which managed to overtake Kia Rio (88,064 cars).

The fourth place, as in 2019, is held by the Hyundai Creta with 73,537 cars – this is the most popular crossover on the market. The first five is closed by Volkswagen Polo (58 455 sedans).

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