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Russia overtook Ukraine in terms of corruption: State Economy: Economy: Lenta.ru

Russia overtook Ukraine in terms of corruption – it ranked 137 out of 180 in the 2019 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. This is stated in release on the website of the Russian branch of the organization.

The corruption perception index is compiled based on surveys of experts and entrepreneurs conducted by independent organizations around the world every year since 1995. Countries are rated on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 indicates the highest level of perception of corruption in the public sector, and 100 – the lowest.

Russia repeated its last year result, gaining 28 points out of 100 possible. This allowed her to rise one position compared to 2018. The Dominican Republic, Kenya, Liberia, Lebanon, Mauritania, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and Uganda scored the same points. For comparison, Belarus took 66th place (45 points), Kazakhstan received 113th line (34 points), Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan shared 126th place (30 points each). Tajikistan, Uzbekistan (153rd place, 25 points each) and Turkmenistan (165th place, 19 points) turned out to be more corrupt than Russia from the post-Soviet countries.

New Zealand and Denmark led the anti-corruption rating (87 points each). Next come Finland (86 points), Switzerland, Singapore and Sweden (85 points each), Norway (84 points). Closing the list is Somalia (9 points), South Sudan (12 points), Syria (13 points) and Yemen (15 points).

Earlier Russia overtook Ukraine in the ranking of social mobility. Russia took 39th place in it (64.7 points), and Ukraine – 46th (61.2 points). Both countries were ahead of Kazakhstan, getting the 38th line with a score of 64.8 points. Social mobility refers to the ability of the current generation of citizens to live better than the previous one.

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