Russia is on standby, NATO warships swarm into the Black Sea, sweepers until complete mine hunters in formation

Gridhot.ID – Black Sea always argued.

After it had cooled off, now Black Sea getting hot because of NATO.

Armada Black Sea Russia carry out continuous monitoring of a group ship war country member NATO who entered Black Sea.

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“The troops and capabilities of the Black Sea Fleet continue to monitor the NATO mine-fighting warship group entering the Black Sea on October 29, 2020,” said the Russian National Defense Control Center, Thursday (29/10), as quoted by TASS.

The NATO mine-fighting warship group includes the Greek Navy (AL) landing craft Aliakmon, the French Navy mine-destroyer Orion, the Italian Navy minesweeper Alghero, and the Spanish Navy coastal minesweeper Duero.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the situation on Russia and Belarus’ borders with NATO member states remained tense.

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Exercise intensity military NATO not reduced

“The uncomfortable situation remains on the border barat Union State (Russia and Belarus), where NATO continues to build its presence up front, “said Shoigu, Tuesday (27/10), as quoted by Reuters.

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