Russia is looking for weapons for the war against Ukraine around the world

Moscow has to rely on its own resources at a time when Ukraine’s allies are helping Kyiv with billions so that the country can defend itself.

For example, to search for weapons, Russia worked with Syria. Last month, a US-sanctioned merchant ship passed through the Turkish Bosphorus on its way from Syria. European intelligence believes the ship was carrying military vehicles to support the war.

According to anonymous sources, the US government believes that Russia may use merchant ships to transport military supplies to the Black Sea.

Tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which have recently flared up again, were provoked by a report denied by Moscow that Russia had deployed about 2,000 people from the peacekeeping contingent to the war against Ukraine.

Also in March, the United States claimed that Russia had transferred part of its troops to Ukraine from occupied South Ossetia.

At the same time, the Kremlin has also been reaching out to Iran to try to buy armed drones from the country.

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