Russia is interested in the escalation between…

He admitted that he had no direct information that Russian intelligence was “undermining” Bulgarian-Macedonian relations

Russia is one of the countries that has an interest in maintaining conflicts in the region so that it can more easily exert influence. In this sense, the latest escalation between Bulgaria and North Macedonia will be welcome for many third countries, who will see a chance to maintain a permanent conflict here, stressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia Bujar Osmani.

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, he admitted that he had no direct information that Russian intelligence was “undermining” Bulgarian-Macedonian relations.

“I do not have such direct information, but third powers have an interest in keeping alive the conflicts in this region, once frozen, in order to have an easier influence in our region – this is already known from history and we have seen this influence with varying intensity in different periods not only between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, but also in the Western Balkans in general. The latest escalation is likely to be welcomed by many third parties who will see it as a chance to maintain a permanent conflict. Is this in our best interest? I don’t agree,” said Osmani, reports BGNES.

He refused to comment on the reasons why the Bulgarian ambassador to the country was withdrawn for consultations in Bulgaria.

“If this is related to the incident in Ohrid, I would rate it as a disproportionate reaction, since this is first of all an isolated incident for which the state took all possible measures. The attackers were identified immediately, one is in custody, the president, prime minister and foreign minister condemned him immediately. I went to Sofia, we expressed what the state should show towards our citizen, so I really don’t see a connection between this case and the reaction”, emphasized the foreign minister.

According to him, general conclusions and conclusions about how the state treats communities cannot be drawn from a single incident.

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“The Republic of Bulgaria is entering an election process. They have elections on April 2, and there has been no regular government for two years now, and that is an aggravating factor. Elections usually complicate sensitive issues and do not allow diplomacy to do the job properly for those who must maintain communication. Unfortunately, we also have politicking in this direction, that’s why I commented that the season of provocateurs, bullies and political profiteers is open and now everyone is acting. But we must end this cycle of mutual deterioration of relations and bring back the positive agenda,” Osmani said.

With the recent events and with the request of the Bulgarian MEP Angel Djambaski to be banned from entering the country on February 4 – the birthday of Gotse Delchev, due to possible provocations, our society only gives him a chance to be elected as a MEP tomorrow.

“Bulgarian society rejected him in the last elections, they did not allow their party to enter the Bulgarian parliament. “Unfortunately, I think that our society has just secured Dzambazki another term in the European Parliament, creating a political star from a total marginal in the Bulgarian political society,” emphasized Foreign Minister Buyar Osmani.

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