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On November 30, Gazprom set a new record for gas supplies to Russia. The company delivered only a few tens of millions of cubic meters less fuel than the Europeans received from all sources.

“On November 30, 1,516.6 million cubic meters of gas were supplied to Russian consumers through the Gazprom gas transmission system. m of gas is a new all-time record for daily supplies for the month of November,” said Gazprom. The company explained that the growth in gas consumption is associated with a sharp drop in temperature in a number of regions of Russia.

Gazprom set the previous record the day before, November 29, when it supplied GTS with 1.48 billion cubic meters.

Gazprom’s deliveries to Russia on Nov. 30 nearly exceeded gas supplies to Europeans from all sources. Thus, on Nov. 30, fuel withdrawals from storage facilities amounted to 400 million cubic meters, according to the GIE. Production was about 125 million cubic meters, and gas imports, according to Entsog, 1,025 million including Gazprom. About 1,550 million cubic meters were produced in just one day.

In late October, the Russian company reported that it had accumulated a record 72.6 billion cubic meters at storage facilities in Russia, and the daily withdrawal could reach 852 million cubic meters.

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