Russia has a new flag

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Activists offer Russia a new flag – white-blue-white

On the new flag, it is proposed to abandon the red stripe – symbolizing the bloody war unleashed by Russia.

In social networks, they came up with a new flag of Russia – white-blue-white, without a red stripe.

This version of the tricolor without the “blood red” is already used in memes, art and at rallies.

The activists explain that Russia’s new flag is based on the flag of Veliky Novgorod, a democratic city-state. In addition, it does not have a “blood-red” stripe – a symbol of the wars unleashed by Russia.

This flag is not occupied by other states.

Published a new flag and Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino.

“The Russians are using the ‘new Russian flag’ against Putin, seeking to remove the ‘blood’ from the Russian flag. This is what the real threat to Putin looks like,” Tarantino said.

Recall that aAmerican film actor, state and political figure ARnold Schwarzenegger turned to the Russians to tell the truth about the war in Ukraine. He published a video message with the title A message to the Russian people (Message to the Russian people) on March 17.

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