Russia-France urged Iran to “restrain” uranium metal production. Breaking the nuclear deal

Russia-France won Iran – Feb 12 AFP Report a reaction after Iran Began production of uranium metal This is a violation of the restrictions in the 2015 nuclear deal signed with world powers that Russia and France 2 Great powers that are parties to the Agreement Calls on Iran to show restraint


After the audit team Atomic Energy Agency for Peace (IAEA) of the United Nations In Austria’s Vienna, Iran has confirmed that 3.6 grams of uranium metal is produced at a plate-making plant in Isfahan. (406 kilometers south of Tehran)

Russia, which is an alliance with Iran Mr. Sears Gayreabkov Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Expressing sympathy for Iran’s stance, he said, “understand the logic of action. And the reason why Iran did so But restraint and accountability are required. “

While the French foreign ministry said It is necessary to maintain a political space through negotiations to resolve this conflict. And urged Iran not to take any new measures. Conflict with the west To aggravate the situation on the nuclear front Which is of great concern

But Mr. Mohamad Ja Vad Saarif Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Countering Iran’s stance The US government must take first steps to restore the nuclear deal. Known as Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: JCPOA)

“Government official Joe Biden is still negotiating for Iran to comply with the JCPOA as the US withdrew from the deal in May. In 2018, it violated the JCPOA and sanctioned the implementation of the United Nations (Iran) resolution. Before speaking out for Iran to comply with the pact The US has to act on its own first, ”Sarif tweeted.

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The move comes as Iran has warned that The President Biden government’s time to save the nuclear deal is running out.

The Iranian nuclear deal with the United States, China, Russia, Germany, France and Britain to prevent Iran from developing the atomic bomb. And banned Iran “Produce or purchase plutonium or uranium or alloy” for 15 years.

The United States withdrew from the agreement by Former President Donald Trump The year 2018 was part of the ultimate pressure on Iran. Including the return of economic sanctions again While President Biden tries to revive the deal But both sides seem to be at odds as to who should act first.

Iran has always denied any commitment to building a nuclear bomb. But said last month it was researching the production of uranium metal. Which are elements that may produce nuclear weapons

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