Russia fires at the Pechenegsky reservoir dam

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Dam of the Pechenegskoye reservoir

Local authorities report that there is a threat of dam collapse and an emergency could occur.

Russian troops are hitting the Pechenegsky reservoir dam near Kharkov, which could cause an emergency. Speaking of which in shape local city council.

It is reported that there is a threat of dam collapse and an emergency situation could arise “due to the catastrophic flooding of the downstream areas”.

In the event of an alarm, local residents are advised to evacuate from the evacuation zone, specific evacuation locations are indicated.

We recall that on the evening of September 14, the Russian troops inflicted missile attack on Krivoy Rog and the hydraulic structures were damaged, several districts of the city were left without water. Then the city was hit again by a missile attack.

This was reported by the Ministry of Ecology strikes at the dam threaten ecocide.

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