Russia Extends Sanctions Against West


MOSCOW – President Russia, Vladimir Putin extended sanctions against the West until the end of next year. Putin has apply sanctions, which Moscow says is retaliatory measure, against the West over the past six years.

In a presidential decree, Putin instructed all members of his cabinet to ensure the implementation of these restrictive measures.

One of Russia’s economic sanctions, as reported by Anadolu Agency on Sunday (11/22/2020), is to prohibit the import of a number of food products from the United States (US, European Union (EU), Norway, Australia and Canada.

Meanwhile, Moscow previously imposed sanctions on 25 British citizens in response to punitive action taken by London nearly five months ago against an equal number of Russian citizens for human rights violations.

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) announced the retaliatory sanctions, but did not provide the names of British citizens who have been sanctioned. (Also read: Russia sanctions 25 British citizens)

The Russian foreign ministry said the British government’s punitive measures against Russian officials announced on July 6 came with imaginary and absurd pretexts.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that London has never explained the basis on which the British government chooses sanctioned Russian citizens. (Also read: First in 6 Decades, Tibetan Political Leaders Visit the White House)

“In response to the hostile actions of British authorities and on the basis of reciprocity, the Russian side made the decision to impose personal sanctions on 25 British representatives barred from entering the Russian Federation,” said Zakharova.



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