Russia Explains Its Views on US Goals in Ukraine

MOSCOW, – Russia has recently tried to explain their views on goals United States of America (AS) of Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the US’s real purpose in providing military assistance to Ukraine was to revoke Russia’s independent status on the international stage.

He said this to Russian national television on Sunday (19/6/2022).

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“Washington wants Moscow to have no say on global issues, but that’s not going to work,” he added Russia Today (RT).

Lavrov said the conflict in Ukraine was used by the US and its allies as just another way to weaken Russia.

“They (the US) are pursuing the goals they have long announced, namely Russia must know its place, Russia (should) have no say in international affairs, Russia must abide by the rules set by the US,” he said.

Lavrov also stated that the US appears to be “well aware” of the fact that it will not work.

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The Russian Foreign Minister’s words came when NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a German tabloid: Bild that Western weapons supplied by the military bloc make it more likely that Ukraine will drive Russian troops out of the Donbass.

photo" data-photolink="" style="max-width: 100%;width:750px">AP / FRANCISCO SECO via DW INDONESIA NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO Secretary General It is also reported to have publicly mentioned that the bloc plans to no longer designate Moscow as a partner, but as a security threat in its next strategic draft update.

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