Russia expels US diplomats and declares US employees “persona non grata” – UNIAN

This move was a response to Washington’s expulsion of 12 diplomats from Russia’s permanent mission to the UN in New York.

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Moscow announced the expulsion of American diplomats from Russia.

This is stated in a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

According to the statement, a senior diplomat at the US legation in Moscow was handed a note on Wednesday with a list of expelled US diplomatic staff declared “persona non grata,” CNN said.

This move was a response to the expulsion by Washington of 12 diplomats from the Russian permanent mission to the UN in New York, as well as a Russian employee of the UN Secretariat.

“The American side was firmly told that any hostile US actions against Russia would receive a decisive and adequate response,” the statement said.

The statement did not specify which diplomats and how many it intends to expel.

As a reminder, earlier the Belarusian Foreign Ministry declaredthat the number of Ukrainian diplomats in Belarus will be reduced and they must leave the territory of the republic within 72 hours.

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