Russia exceeds the threshold of 9.1 million Covid cases and again reports more than 1,200 deaths daily

Russia exceeded the threshold of 9.1 million cases of coronavirus, after they were notified this Monday 38,420 new infections. A day in which the authorities also confirmed 1,211 deaths because of the virus, according to data from the national operational center for the fight against coronavirus.

With these figures, the totals amount to 9.109.904 registered cases of Covid-19 and 256.597 deaths since the pandemic started.

The capital, Moscow, appears again as the city with the highest figures, with 3,789 cases and 93 deaths, while St. Petersburg Registration 2,968 infections and 77 deaths. For its part, the Moscow province confirmed 2,666 positives and 62 deaths.

Likewise, the operational center highlighted that 27,972 people have received medical discharge during the last day, so this figure raises the total of those recovered from Covid-19 to 7,812,557, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

Faced with the increase in incidence, the Russian Government announced last Friday the introduction before the Parliament of two bills to impose mandatory health passes to access restaurants and public transport.

For his part, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobianin, stressed this Monday that the number of new cases in the city has decreased by 23% during the last week, period in which the number of hospitalizations decreased 19%.

“When summarizing the results of last week, we see that the incidence continues to decrease,” said Sobianin, before emphasizing that “it is the second week that the numbers of infections and hospitalizations have decreased.”

In this sense, the mayor of Moscow thanked the people who supported the decision of the authorities to impose about ten days of paid vacation between October 28 and November 7 to contain the infections, as well as those who have been vaccinated and comply with restrictions.

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“All of this has a positive effect,” he said. For his part, the Russian Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, affirmed on November 9 that the week of paid holidays decreed at the national level had allowed reduce the rate of virus transmission.

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