Russia closes its borders on 28 September

An exit visa will likely be introduced, Meduza says

The Russian authorities intend to close the borders for men of mobilization age, a source close to the administration of the president of the Russian Federation told Meduza. The most likely date for the ban is 28 September.

The second source, also close to the presidential administration, claims that this will happen “after the referendums” that are taking place in the self-styled DPR, LPR and in the occupied territories of the Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Zaporozhye. They will end on the evening of September 27th.

The publication noted that a semblance of “exit visas” would be introduced: to leave Russia, men would have to obtain permits from military service.

Previously Medusa also wrote that the borders for men will be open until the end of the “referendum” on 27 September.

The mobilization in Russia began on 21 September. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, those who are in the reserve and have related military specialties and combat experience are subject to mobilization. On the government portal “Explanation.rf” it is said that enlisted men and sergeants up to 35, young officers – up to 50, senior officers – up to 55 are “primarily” subject to mobilization. In Russia, soldiers and sergeants are in the reserve up to 50 years old, and generals are already up to 70 years old.

As part of the mobilization, Russia will call 1.2 million people into the military, a source close to one of the federal ministries previously told Meduza. The Kremlin denies it.

At this stage, Russians can enter Armenia without a foreign passport for 180 days, Belarus for 90 days, and Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan for 30 days.

With a foreign passport, but without a visa, Russians can travel to Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Israel, Qatar, Nepal , Turkey, Mauritius, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco,

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