Russia Closes CBC News Office in Moscow, Canada Angry

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Government Russia closed the offices of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio and television press company in Moscow on Wednesday (18/5).

Collect AFPRussia’s Foreign Ministry said the gesture was a retaliation for Canada, which first banned the broadcasting of the RT news agency.

“The decision was made in response to Canada’s actions, in this case by closing the CBC office in Moscow including the cancellation of accreditation and visas for its journalists,” said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

CBC News editor-in-chief Brodie Fenlon is deeply disappointed by Russia’s stance. He confirmed that CBC News has no relationship with the Government of Canada.

Therefore, he was disappointed with the attitude taken by Russia.

“CBC is completely independent of the Canadian government and we are saddened when Russia combines the two,” Fenlon said.

Separately, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was furious when he learned that Russia had closed the CBC office in Moscow. He criticized Russia for the move.

Trudeau considers Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened by media reports that actually present facts.

“Truth, responsible journalism, sharing what is really happening to society is a grave threat to Vladimir Putin and his illegal and authoritarian wars,” Trudeau said.

Previously, the Canadian government blocked the Russian government-affiliated RT news agency. Some western countries also do the same.

The decision was taken because they considered RT to be spreading propaganda and misinformation about the war in Ukraine.


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