Russia Becomes a Threat, NATO Will Add Troops to 300,000!


Military Alliance North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will increase the number of its troops in a state of high alert. The increase in the number of NATO troops is said to be able to reach more than seven times or more than 300,000 personnel when conditions are on high alert.

As reported ReutersTuesday (28/6/2022), the plan to increase NATO troops was revealed as member countries prepare to adopt a new strategy that describes the Russia as a direct threat with invasion of Ukraine entering the fourth month.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since February has triggered a major geopolitical shift in the West, prompting previously neutral countries such as Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Ukraine, which continues to be invaded by Russia, has also secured the status of a candidate for member of the European Union.

Russia has stayed away from the partnership and dialogue that NATO has been trying to build with Russia for years,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in remarks to reporters in Brussels, Belgium, ahead of a NATO summit this weekend in Madrid, Spain.

“They have chosen confrontation over dialogue. We regret that — but of course, we need to respond to that reality,” he said.

The NATO summit on June 28-30 comes at a pivotal moment for the alliance following the failure in Afghanistan and internal strife during the leadership of former US President Donald Trump, which pulled the US out of the alliance.

Stoltenberg stated that future NATO would have ‘more than 300,000’ troops on high alert. That number is a sevenfold increase when compared to the 40,000 troops currently in the existing NATO Response Force (NRF).

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