Russia and the United States attacked our green certificate system

Hackers from Russia and the United States have attacked the system through which green certificates for vaccinated or infected with the coronavirus can be downloaded in Bulgaria. This is clear from data from the “Information Service” on the geographical distribution of yesterday’s attacks.

In the last 3 days, Information Services has managed to neutralize over 400 hostile campaigns, the company said.

“At times, the malicious traffic to the National Health
information system (NSIS) exceeded 400 Gbps, which exceeds the international connectivity of the country. The unprecedented denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on the portal reached
peak hours between 30 to 80 million packets per second, making it difficult for users to access. This is one of the biggest DDoS attacks made against Bulgaria. The company has provided the most
effective and modern protection of the infrastructure from such actions and successfully managed to repel malicious attacks. There are no attempts to break into and interfere with the system and leak user data, “said” Information Services “.

Most hacking attacks came from Russia and the United States, followed by Brazil, Ukraine, Indonesia, Britain, Thailand and China. (INsee the first graph.)

For the last three days: October 20, 21 and 22, 318,413 certificates were downloaded from the system. For comparison – from 1 to 19 October, 161,255 were downloaded from the system.

Information Services also reports the total number of electronic prescriptions issued so far – 7,315,819. In the last one month, most of them have been issued for the period 2 to 8 October – a total of 353,181. Of these, 319,435 have been executed.

2.1 million is the total number of electronic prescription books in our country, according to the company. Over 17 million requests have been processed through the site. According to Information Services, the system is used effectively by 8,000 doctors and pharmacists.



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