Russia and Argentina will cooperate in space exploration

(MENAFN – Youm7) Russian media agencies announced that the Supreme Council of the country’s parliament approved a law to ratify a joint cooperation protocol with Argentina in the fields of space exploration for peaceful purposes, and Russia and Argentina signed a space cooperation protocol in Buenos Aires on October 8 last year, Its provisions were laid down to establish laws that benefit both countries.

According to Russia today, the aforementioned protocol documents indicate that the two countries will cooperate in the field of peaceful space activities, and will implement joint projects to install ground stations for the GLONASS navigation system on Argentine territory, and to create a ground observatory to predict the dangers that may appear in the near-Earth space, as well as cooperation in the fields of launch Space vehicles and missiles and the creation of space technologies.

The provisions of the protocol also stipulate the protection of intellectual property rights in the fields of space science, the organization of the exchange of information between the two countries, and the issuance of the necessary licenses for the exchange of technical products and how to use these technologies in Russia and Argentina.

It should be noted that Russia has sought in recent years to expand its cooperation in the fields of space exploration for peaceful purposes with many countries, including China, France, Spain and a number of European and Asian countries.




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