Russia also attacked the nuclear power plant; Safe reactors | Russia | Ukraine | Ukrainian crisis

Kiev – Russia has launched a missile attack on a nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Although the nuclear reactors were not damaged, the ancillary equipment and buildings were damaged. Ukraine has accused Russia of carrying out acts of nuclear terrorism.

The missile landed within 300 meters of the country’s second largest nuclear power plant, the Southern Ukraine nuclear power plant, in the Mykholiv region. After the explosion, 2 fireballs were seen rising.

Russian Vladimir Putin said he will step up the attack after a setback in the ground war. Russia has also stepped up bombing of populated areas. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said eight civilians were killed and 22 injured in the latest attack. 4 health workers were also killed in a bombing raid on a village in the north of Harkiv. Zelensky said there are no compromises in the war. He said Ukrainian forces, which have crossed the Oski River in the eastern Donbass region, are in the final stages of pushing back Russia.

US President Joe Biden said Ukraine is winning the war. He said America will stay with Russia no matter how long it takes. It is considered the most powerful statement made by the president of the United States since the beginning of the war.

Meanwhile, Russian military spokesman Dmitry Peskov has denied war crimes allegations. Yesterday, Ukraine said that 440 graves were found in the Harkiv region and evidence of brutal torture was found.

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