Rumors fly as Shakira attends a New York hockey game with a renowned presenter

After his participation in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon together with the Argentine DJ and producer Bizarrap, Shakira took advantage of her visit to New York to have a few days off with her children. First, paparazzi cameras caught her apparently in tears in a Big Apple store. Then she showed at a hockey game with host Carson Daly. Her closeness sparked rumors of a possible romance. However, the two artists have maintained a friendly relationship for some years.

It was the account of the New York Islanders team that shared the image of both that sparked the theories of several of their fans. However, Daly and the interpreter of “I congratulate you” met in 2001, when he called himself a faithful follower of hers. By having her presence in the entertainment world, he helped promote her music in North America. Her first meeting was on the show Total Request Live on MTV, just when she was positioning herself as an international artist with her song “Whenever, Wherever”. Their friendship transcended even more after they shared credits on The Voicewhere the Colombian participated as part of the jury.

The posting of the hocker team about Shakira and Carson Daly

Since then, they have coincided on several occasions with their families. Daly has been married to journalist Siri Pinter since 2015 and they have four children together.: Jackson James, Etta Jones, London Rose and Goldie Patricia. In this way, a possible relationship between the Barranquillera and the communicator could be completely ruled out.

Fans immediately started talking about Shakira and Carson Daly’s new meeting

Beyond his personal life, Daly is one of the most important personalities in the American media.. He is not only known for hosting television shows, but he also has an extensive career in radio.

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In 2001 he was one of the hosts of MTValthough later he wanted to expand his presence in show business and joined the ranks of NBCwhere he hosted and produced the late-night talk show Last Call with Carson Daly. Since then, it has become relevant in the signal and now it has some of the stellar programs. For example, the singing competition The Voicesince 2011, and the morning show NBC Today.

In the last days, Shakira returned to position herself in the middle of the reflectors after presenting the “Music Session 53″ with Bizarrap on the jimmy fallon show. Both artists gave details of what it was like to collaborate on this world hit and how they felt after having conquered several records. “I have had a very hard year after my separation and writing the song has been so important to me, it is a healthy way to channel my emotions,” said the singer.

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Shakira and Bizarrap performed their song “Session 53” live for the first time

In addition, she assured that her song not only helped her heal, but also it also made her realize that by her side were many women also fighting their own battles. “After releasing this song I feel like I not only have fans, but a sorority… And even though I wrote the song for myself, I feel like it was meant for a lot of women who needed a forum and a voice to represent them,” she added.


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