Rumored Cheating by Nindy, Olla Ramlan Disappointed His Good Name Was Damaged


Olla Ramlan continue to be questioned about what is rumored by Nindy Ayunda about him. Olla Ramlan who was getting bored gave a striking statement.

Regarding his attitude to Nindy Ayunda, Olla Ramlan hinted that it was a natural thing. As a longtime friend, Olla Ramlan feels that he deserves to be disappointed when he becomes the subject of gossip from his own best friend.

“You guys have been friends for a long time, then your friends talk about you and things that aren’t true anymore. How do you feel? That’s all,” he said firmly. Olla Ramlan about the contents of his heart that was stabbed in the back by Nindy Ayunda when he was met in the Pondok Indah area, South Jakarta.

Olla Ramlan regrets that what Nindy Ayunda is gossiping about is not true. The thing that made Olla Ramlan even more disappointed was that Nindy Ayunda in the voice recording she got gave a statement that could not be justified.

Wife Aufar Hutapea it felt very reasonable to be disappointed. Moreover, what Nindy Ayunda is gossiping about as a friend includes Olla’s good name.

“Yes, of course, all incidents are very unfortunate, especially when it includes a damaged good name,” said Olla Ramlan.

Olla Ramlan while filling Viral Coffee unpacked a bit of the contents of the voice recording of Nindy Ayunda who was said to be gossiping about her. Even Olla Ramlan’s sister, Jelita Ramlan didn’t expect Nindy Ayunda to gossip Olla Ramlan cheating.

“(Nindy gossips about Olla with) There is someone, (Olla) who has a boyfriend. Don’t (say name) mention the position. Anyway, if you want to hear the recording, I’ll sell it,” said Olla Ramlan laugh.

“I mean this, it’s true what Mbak Olla said. Here’s the clear details. It’s better if what you say is true,” said Jelita Ramlan, Olla Ramlan’s sister.

Olla Ramlan also said that there were only three things that Nindy Ayunda could do. That’s because it’s very certain that the voice in the recording is Nindy Ayunda.

“There are only three things he can do, one sucks, two don’t feel guilty, three apologize. I don’t know which part (Nindy Ayunda will do) later,” said firmly. Olla Ramlan.

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