Rumor: WB Games will release Smash Bros style game with its characters

One rumor posted on Reddit this weekend indicated that NetherRealm Studios would be working on a style game Smash Bros with all its franchises.

In this case, it would be a game where you control two characters but can switch between them when a life is lost. Among the confirmed characters would be Shaggy, Gandalf, Tom, Jerry, Batman, Fred Flinstone, Mad Max, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Johnny Bravo and others.

The name of this project, as a trademark points out, would be Multiversus.

Although it is very strange that NetherRealm Studios is involved with this, after rumors of a Mortal Kombat 12 and even a marvel game, Jeff Grubb, a journalist for the GamesBeat website who is often trusted with its leaks, said the project is real but not in NetherRealm’s hands.

Anyway, consider all this a rumor.


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