Rumor: Motorola will be the first to put 200-megapixel camera sensor in smartphone – Tablets and phones – News

The first phone with a 200-megapixel camera sensor would be from Motorola and will be released next year. This is reported by an acquaintance leaker. This will be followed by a model from Xiaomi, after which Samsung would start using the sensor in 2023.

The subsidiary brand of Lenovo would thus be the first with a 200-megapixel sensor in a phone, meldt Ice Universe. That will probably happen next year. Xiaomi will follow with a 200-megapixel camera in a smartphone in the second half of next year. The sensor is from Samsung, but the company itself is only the third in a phone. Ice Universe has no information about the phones that the sensor will be in.

It would be the first time a new camera sensor appears in a Motorola smartphone. In recent years, new sensors often debuted in models from Xiaomi or from Samsung itself.

It’s about the Isocell HP1, a sensor with pixels of 0.64 microns in size. The sensor has an optical size of 1/1.22″. That is about 10.5 by 7.9 mm, good for a surface of about 82.5 mm². This makes the sensor larger than the 108-megapixel sensors from, for example, the The Galaxy S21 Ultra is smaller than the Isocell GN2 from the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, a 50-megapixel sensor with an optical size of 1/1.12″ and a surface area of ​​98mm².

The 200-megapixel sensor has two modes of pixel binning. In low light, the sensor can combine sixteen pixels from the sensor into one pixel in the photo, resulting in an equivalent of 2.56 micrometers of pixels. This results in photos with a 12.5-megapixel resolution. In bright light, the sensor can capture photos in 50-megapixel resolution by combining four pixels or in the full 200-megapixel resolution. The 50-megapixel mode also comes in handy when shooting 8k videos.


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