Rumor: iPhone 12 and Pro release in October, mini and Pro Max in November – Tablets and phones – News

The entire alleged iPhone 12 line-up that Apple is expected to announce next Tuesday has been put online on the Chinese Weibo. If rumor is correct, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will be available in late October and the iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max in mid-November.

Apple will take preorders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro from October 16, and they will be available from October 23, it is rumored. The iPhone 12 mini can be ordered from November 6 and Apple will start delivery on November 13. The iPhone 12 Pro Max will be released last: the pre-order date is November 13, and availability will follow November 20. That claims user Kang on Weibo. The information is put on Twitter by Ice Universe, who points out that Kang has proved himself a reliable source. At AppleTrack, Kang has a confidence score of 97.8 percent. Among other things, the source correctly reported the prices of the iPhone SE and the iPad Air.

The specifications and prices that the Weibo post is talking about are otherwise in line with those of previous rumors. According to MacRumors, the four iPhone 12 models will have an OLED screen that is finished with tempered glass, which is referred to by the term ‘Ceramic Shield’.

The new iPhones could record video with Dolby Vision and support 5G, although only the American models would also support high mmWave frequencies. The devices could switch between 4G and 5G to save energy, something Apple would call ‘Smart Data Mode’.

The report also mentions the arrival of magnetically attached charging accessories, a MagSafe case and the wireless MagSafe and MagSafe Duo chargers. The arrival of the HomePod Mini is also mentioned, but Kang does not mention anything about AirTags and the AirPods Studio headphones. According to Jon Prosser The AirTags have been postponed to March 2021. Apple will hold an event on Tuesday evening, October 13 at 7 p.m., and the company is expected to at least announce the iPhone 12 models.

Model iPhone 12 mini (5,4″) iPhone 12 (6,1″) iPhone 12 Pro (6,1″) iPhone 12 Pro Max (6,7″)
price $ 699 $ 799 $ 999 $ 1099
Camera dual lens (f/1.6) dual lens (f/1.6) triple lens (LiDAR + wide-angle lens, f / 1.6, 52mm telephoto lens, 4x ‘optical zoom’) triple lens (LiDAR + wide angle lens, f / 1.6, 65mm telephoto lens, 5x ‘optical zoom’)
Bulletin 64GB/128GB/256GB 64GB/128GB/256GB 128GB/256GB/512GB 128GB/256GB/512GB
Colors Black, White, Red, Blue, Green Black, White, Red, Blue, Green Gold, silver, gray, blue Gold, silver, gray, blue
Preorderdatum 6/7 november 16/17 october 16/17 october 13/14 november
availabilty 13/14 november 23/24 october 23/24 october 20/21 november
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