Rumor: Apple won’t switch to USB-C and Touch ID in Power button for iPhones – Tablets and Phones – News

Very unfortunate, especially the fingerprint scanner. Would be so nice to have the choice, especially now that we often have to wear mouth masks. Personally, I would rather see lightning disappear, but many iPhone users don’t. Is a bit mixed. Arguments for usb-c are of course that it is the standard, and that most other apple products are also switched to usb-c, but lightning is a stronger port (male side to cable, as opposed to usb-c), and if you’ve been using iphones for generations then you’ve got the cables.

It seems very annoying to me if the gate disappears completely. If you have to charge at a friend’s place, he must have a wireless charger. In my (old) car I have a brodit holder plus cable neatly underneath. Would I have to buy a very expensive QI brodit holder.

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