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Maybe a bit offtopic, but what a terrible thing that MagSafe Battery Pack. I bought it right at launch because I wanted something like the Smart Battery Case, which isn’t available for iPhone 12 Minis. I now use a cheap fake “Smart Battery Case” to my reasonable satisfaction.

Perhaps the quality/user experience has improved now, but this was my experience with Apple’s MagSafe battery:

– The magnet gives you (or me) a constant feeling of fear, as if it’s going to come loose… and yes, it really does come loose sometimes when you take the phone out of your pocket.

– It looks really fugly, like some old iPod sticking to the back of your iPhone. Can be used to, but it’s not a plus.

– It doesn’t have an optimal grip… renders the grip of my leather MagSafe-compatible Apple case useless.

– My iPhone was overheating (told me to wait to use it again), and it just happened indoors. Probably because I used my iPhone as a hotspot.

Definitely not an Apple-worthy product.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Rutger Muller op 7 februari 2023 18:29]

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