[Rumeur] Resident Evil VIII: The Biohazard Declassified site puts new information online – News

In April, many rumors about a possible Resident Evil: Village (or Resident Evil VIII) circulated on the Internet. We are at the beginning of June, and Capcom still hasn’t announced anything about the future of the license, but new rumors have surfaced.

All these rumors, which are obviously to be taken with tweezers, have been published by Biohazard Declassified, which indicates relying on several reliable sources. First, the site returns to the notion of occultism, already mentioned before. A cult dedicated to the infected would exist, and the supernatural events occurring at play are linked to the presence of the virus in the air. On the side of the enemies of this opus, it would be a certain Alan R., a count living in a mysterious castle and leader of a group called The Connections, accompanied by Natalia and / or Alex Wesker.

Also, during part of the game, players would play Emily, a young woman who would accompany Ethan in his adventures. She would be looking for her father and help Ethan, their interests converging. These two characters would have a torch, the use of which would be central, the game was presented as quite dark. As for, the game would allow us to explore the Village, a castle, a forest or even caves.

The scenario of this Resident Evil VIII would start as follows: Mia and Ethan had a child, unfortunately very deformed by the consequences of the virus on the characters of Resident Evil VII. Isolated, the couple would see Chris Redfield arrive, acting outside of any official operation to execute the child. Ethan and Mia were allegedly injured and cared for by Chris, and, when Ethan wakes up, he would have been kidnapped to find himself in the Village. He would then begin his exploration, without any defense, at least for a time.

Finally, and with regard to the bestiary, Biohazard Declassified indicates that it would be composed of classic zombies, enemies close to the Ganados of Resident Evil 4, as well as zombified animals and beastmen. The design of new enemies would also be much more “disgusting”, which, according to the site, would correspond to the ambitions of making the title “the most horrible and the darkest”.

By MalloDelic, Journalist jeuxvideo.com


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