Rumen Petkov warns of a dramatic situation in Afghanistan because of the abandoned weapons

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The situation in Afghanistan is dramatic in terms of the weapons dumped by the US and Afghan armies, ABV leader warns Rumen Petkov. Referring to the analysis of specialized units, he pointed out that the total value of these weapons is 83 billion dollars and specified – more than 200 planes and convertibles, nearly 600,000 units of automatic small arms and light artillery. We must be clear about what this could lead to, Petkov noted, adding that it is also about more than 76,000 vehicles and artillery units.

“The main threat affects several of the border countries, first of all Uzbekistan. All prospects for the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan to acquire weapons and start armed conflicts on the territory of Uzbekistan cannot be ignored,” Petkov warned. According to him, these are serious problems that should be a matter of immediate analysis at both the UN and the European Commission.

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“I watched this old man Biden on one of the televisions. He was very embarrassed that there was a lot of corruption in the Afghan army and you see it ruined the work. They – the United States – have been there for 20 years and they created this army. Bigger. “No American statesman has acknowledged that the United States is a genesis of corruption. Whether Biden did it deliberately or not, I do not undertake to comment,” Petkov added.

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