Rumbling half dead, North Korean residents decide to stew their children’s meat to eat, Kim Jong Un focuses on launching rockets – all pages

Sosok.ID – It’s no secret, that beside living in luxury Kim Jong Un, the people live starving.

The absurd rules and the lack of government attention have made the people suffer.

Due to hunger that never finds a solution, a father even acts viciously.

Yes, a father who starving reported to have been executed for killing his two children to eat.

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Due to the communist country’s closed policies, a hidden famine broke out in the agricultural provinces of North and South Hwanghae which killed up to 10,000 people.

This sparked fears of a revival of cannibalism in the communist country.

This grim tale is just one of those that sticks out as residents battle hunger as drought and shortages attack agriculture compounded by party officials confiscating food.

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According to the Dailymail website, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has spent heavily on the launch of two rockets, despite reports of food shortages in the country and concern over the death of 10,000 people due to starvation.

Several reporters from Asia Press who went undercover told the Sunday Times that a man even dared to dig up his own grandson’s grave and eat his corpse.

There is even a man who boils his own child to eat.

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Another incident also mentions that a father killed his eldest daughter while his wife was away and then killed his son because he witnessed his brutal action.

When his wife returned, the husband said they had “meat”, but his wife became suspicious and contacted the authorities who finally found the other parts of the children’s bodies.

A man even dared to dig his own grandson’s grave and eat his grandson’s corpse.

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Journalists reported that food stocks were confiscated from two provinces to give to residents in Pyongyang.

The Sunday Times also quoted an official from the ruling Korean Labor Party that in one village in Chongdan area, a man had gone mad from hunger.

He boiled his own son, ate his son’s flesh and was eventually arrested.

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Several years ago, the North Korean state newspaper announced that all citizens should be prepared to eat grass roots in the face of the upcoming famine season.

Even so, the newspaper said North Koreans could not blame their leader, Kim Jong-un, if millions of people starved to death.

“Even if we can’t take it anymore, we still have to show loyalty to our leader, Kim Jong-un, until death comes,” read a newspaper header in North Korea.

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The Telegraph newspaper reported that the people in the capital Pyongyang have been ordered to give 1 kilogram of rice to the country.

Now many residents have started to supply food to face the wave of hunger. (Soesanti Harini Hartono)

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