Rules for gay blood donors further relaxed

The rules for gay men to donate blood are further relaxed. Gays with varying sexual contacts can also become donors. Blood bank Sanquin will base its decision on whether someone is allowed to donate blood from next year entirely on a questionnaire about behaviour. Minister Kuipers is pleased that individual risk behavior is becoming leading, and not someone’s orientation.

At first gays were not allowed to donate blood at all, because the risk of transmissible infections would be greater with them. But over time, the rules for homosexual blood donors have gradually become more flexible, because, according to Sanquin, this does not endanger the safety of the blood supply.

An exception was first made for gay men who had not had sex for a certain period and were allowed to do it again later men with a steady partner donate blood.

From the beginning of next year, the sexual orientation will no longer play a role and Minister Kuipers thinks this is an important change. He hopes that the relaxation will lead to a significant increase in the number of donors.

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