Rugby. The Arena de Nanterre to host the 6 Nations “never studied” according to Laporte

“Patrick Serrière (Managing Director of Racing 92, Editor’s note) called me just in case, to find out if that could be a solution … But it has never been studied,” said Laporte.

“You never know, depending on developments but today, that was not even mentioned … Today, the Tournament will be played normally”, also said the boss of French rugby, also vice -President of World Rugby.

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The day before, Racing 92 president Jacky Lorenzetti, also owner of the Arena, assured that the Nanterre venue was a candidate to host the 2021 Six Nations Tournament.

“It starts from the observation that organizing a classic Six Nations Tournament, with trips to six countries, a lot of people will go out for a walk. It is possible that the Tournament will be banned in its current form. What we want, like what happened in Lisbon (for the Final 8 of the Champions League, Editor’s note) or Orlando (NBA playoffs, Editor’s note), is to offer the possibility here the Tournament to take place over five weeks continuously and in a bubble, ”Lorenzetti had estimated on Canal +.

The proposal had already received an end of disallowance from the Ministry of Sports.

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The Six Nations Tournament is due to start on February 6 for the Blues, in Rome, against Italy, before two trips to Ireland (February 14) and then to England (March 13).

The women’s and under-twenty editions were postponed to mid-January, a few days after the rescheduling of the European rugby cups.

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On January 12, a few hours after a technical meeting with the FFR, Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu demanded more health guarantees for the trips of the XV of France to Ireland and England.

“We maintain the first match (in Italy, February 6, Editor’s note). On the other hand, against Ireland and England, it is absolutely necessary that we obtain the necessary guarantees ”, assured the Minister.
“We must be able to provide proof that other nations in terms of health respect the same requirement in terms of precaution,” she added.

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