“Rugby Player’s Attorney Assassinated in Paris, Sustained Three Gunshot Wounds to the Back”

Past one year after the assassination of Federico Martín Aramburuthe former player of The Cougars who received five bullets in the streets of Paris, his lawyer, Maitre Yann Le Bras, decided to break the silence and talk about everything related to the bloody crime.

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Heartfelt tribute to Federico Martín Aramburu in Paris

First, the graduate affirmed that the alleged perpetrators are close to the extreme right and did not act in “self-defense” before the Argentine athlete, as the representatives of the defendants had suggested.

Aramburu's family during the tribute one year after his murder (AFP).Aramburu’s family during the tribute one year after his murder (AFP).

Some kind of self defense, can’t take ten bullets fired at a frantic pace. The reality of this case is that Federico Martin Aramburu received four bullets from Loïk Le Priol (one of the defendants), three of them in the back. From his military past, we know that he has an absolute command of handling weapons. He knows where and what he is aiming for. Your presentation of the facts at this hearing is legally unreasonable and humanly obscene.Le Bras explained.

Federico Martin Aramburu 22-3-2023

The emotional tribute to Aramburu in Scotland

“The silence and the lack of reaction of the political class after these shots in the heart of Paris, in a tourist street, marked me. There was no condemnation of the Minister of the Interior at that time, nor of Emmanuel Macron (president) or Jean Castex (prime minister until May 2022)“, he stated in dialogue with Le Parisien.

The agenda of the week: play the National Team, Euro Cup qualifiers, Maravilla Martínez fight and more

look too

The agenda of the week: play the National Team, Euro Cup qualifiers, Maravilla Martínez fight and more

Continuing his anger, the lawyer mentioned a French subversive group: “There has been for some time a disinhibition of the violent extreme right. There is an electoral impulse towards the National Association. I don’t confuse these violent extremists with the voters who vote for this party, but they do benefit from it. Sometimes they are small groups that serve as logistical support for certain parties“.

Le Priol and Bouvier, presumed assassins of Aramburu.Le Priol and Bouvier, presumed assassins of Aramburu.

Also, the man mentioned the notorious failures of the surveillance system of characters considered dangerous in France, such as the case of the alleged murderers of Aramburu.

“In fact, these individuals were prohibited from being together and carrying weapons. The reality is that they are together, they carry weapons, and they have an impressive arsenal of several dozen weapons. Surveillance (…) and its judicial controls (established in another case) have not done so. We know that there cannot be a police officer behind every activist, but have we taken the measure of his dangerousness?” she concluded.

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How was the crime?

The murder of Aramburu.  (AFP)The murder of Aramburu. (AFP)

As reconstructed by oléthe 42-year-old Argentine player, father of three children, first passed through Rue de la Soif, an area where there is a rugby atmosphere, and then go to the bar Le Mabillon, where he would eat some hamburgers with two friends: Shaun Hegarty, with whom he shared the squad at Biarritz Olympique, y Marcelo Boschalso former Puma.

The place of the attack, on Boulevard St. Germain.The place of the attack, on Boulevard St. Germain.

There, the native of La Plata went up to his room and put ice on his head because, after the fight, it had inflamed a bit. He went down to smoke at the door and that’s when a Jeep truck approached him in which two men were traveling who opened fire: Aramburu received five bullet wounds, which ended his life.

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