Rufina Cabré shocked China Suárez with her modern question: “How many likes do I need to paint my hair pink?”

The new generations of children are crossed by technology and social networks, and the oldest daughter of Eugenia “China” Suárez (28) is not the exception to the rule, less in full pandemic and quarantine.

A week after her 7th birthday, the actress published in Twitter a modern question that he asked Rufina Cabré, who misplaced it to such an extent that he decided to share it with his virtual followers.

“My daughter, just 7 years old, asks me: ‘Mom, how many likes (do I need) to paint my hair pink?’. Give me back my baby,” China wrote, surprised.

“My daughter from 7 years just turned, he asks me: ‘Mom, how many likes (do I need) to paint my hair pink?’ Give me back my baby, “China wrote, along with a funny GIF by the actress. Mila Kunis diciendo: “I’m sorry, what?”.

The innocent, but witty, question of Rufi chilled China Suárez, who longs for the time when her girl was little, despite having Magnolia Vicuña (2) and a baby soon to be born.

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