Rudkovskaya staged a fashion show at home in branded rugs

Many subscribers of the star in the social network noted that a seven-year-old boy eclipsed a socialite.

Yana Rudkovskaya. Photo:

Yana Rudkovskaya does not hide what is a fashionista. She explained more than once that she considered the purchase of branded items the best investment. Not surprisingly, the dressing room occupies an impressive part in her mansion. Only her collection chests Louis Vuitton totals tens copies. Well, dresses from Dior and Chanel occupy a special place on the shelves and hangers. For several weeks now, the blonde has been spending days in self-isolation, so she “walks” only Fashionable pajamas.

The producer boasts of exquisite breakfasts, then shoots funny videos. She decided to support the challenge, which was launched by bloggers. Ksenia Borodina, Olga Orlova, Nastya Kamenskikh have already taken a photo in a pillow dress, and the most resourceful have fashioned themselves outfits from blankets. Rudkovskaya went further: she made a fashion show at home with her seven-year-old son Sasha Plushenko, who from an early age managed to work as a model on the catwalk.

The socialite first dressed in a black and white plaid, which was wrapped around her body, making a bustier dress. To her, she picked up a matching bag and black pumps. Her heir was dressed in a shirt in the same style, and in his hands he carried a backpack. Then Yana changed clothes, creating a look from a scarlet plaid, to which she also picked up accessories to match. But Sasha appeared in an oversized tunic. Mom and son defiled around the room.

“Well …” QUARANTINE Couture FASHION VIC “. Many had cool gear with pillows and even blankets, and we will have rugs. We took out a stale heavy suite, which finally waited for its finest hour, ”the socialite noted.

Fans admired the positive mood of the girl. Many also admired Plushenko Jr. “Yana, thanks for the positive, bravo!”, “What are you cool! And stylish! Dwarf is lovely! ”,“ I’m sorry, Yana, but Sasha shines brighter here, ”the subscribers commented on the post.


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