Ruben Onsu sends this chat to Lesti Kejora before the domestic violence case spreads

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Ruben Onsu admitted he sent a message to Lesti Kejora to discuss the work before Rizky Billar’s domestic violence case surfaced publicly.

The message was sent by Ruben because Lesti was named one of the performers of the Betrand children’s concert.

“I’ll tell you when Brownies, I am going from work to Brownies, the day the news came out. That day Lesti’s photo came out as one of the artists at the Betrand concert, “Ruben Onsu said in the program. Brownies Tv trans.

Sarwendah’s husband also said that the response to messages sent by Lesti still seemed normal and did not complain about the violence received by Rizky Billar.

However, not long after sending a message to Lesti, Ruben immediately received news of Billar’s domestic violence case against Lesti.

“So when Lesti’s photo was released at 10 (for the Betrand concert), they knew nothing. From 11 on my way from work to Brownies I have WhatsApp the same Lesti as usual, “Ruben said.

“As long as I didn’t want to go into (the studio), I was still on WhatsApp with Lesti, the conversation was normal, normal, small talk. Brownies First commercial break, I got news about Lesti. There is a lot of news behind the camera here, “she continued.

Ruben Onsu / Photo: Marianus Harmita

After Ruben Onsu found out and saw the news of Lesti’s domestic violence case, he immediately contacted the dancer to find out about his condition.

“I didn’t understand, then when I explained it again, there was an article and all (news) popped up, oh my God. After that, I just asked why, then he told me,” Ruben said. Onsu.

Previously, Lesti Kejora had reported her husband Rizky Billar about the domestic violence case to the South Jakarta Metro Police on Wednesday (28/9) night.

Based on this report, the police examined three witnesses. Billar is also expected to conduct an exam on Thursday (6/10).

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