“Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party Candidate Withdraws from Nakhon Phanom Campaign due to Party Non-Compliance with Law”

Somchob, a candidate for Uncle Tu’s team, Nakhon Phanom, agrees to withdraw and refrain from campaigning. Can’t resist the current

from the case Mr. Pricha Rengsomboonsuk Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party MP candidates, former MPs for 11 terms, leading MP candidates under Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTC) More than 50 districts attended a press conference dissatisfied with the party’s non-compliance with the law. about spending, proceeding, spending on campaign matters later Dr. Himalai Puew The coordinator of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTP) revealed after listening to a request from the party’s MP candidates that A political party is a gathering of people with the same political ideology. Not a financial institution to support the investment for the applicant Those who offer themselves to serve to ease the burden of their parents and siblings should therefore be ready in every way so as not to be a burden to anyone.

on May 10 Mr. Somchob Nitipoj Candidate for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, District 4, Nakhon Phanom, number 4, posted on Facebook on May 9, stating that “I sincerely apologize to the voters in District 4, Nakhon Phanom, that I was unable to vote according to the procedures set out. Therefore, I would like to end the campaign just like this. If the brothers still support me, please choose party number 22.”

Mr. Somchob revealed to reporters that If there is news that he has stopped campaigning, confirm that it is true. but did not disqualify the applicant It was a declaration of political stance. Due to problems within the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party that cannot be discussed in detail. can only say that it does not comply with the agreed political rules therefore had to refrain from campaigning Let it go the way of politics

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Mr. Somchob said I would like to thank the people for their support and encouragement. If possible, I would like to turn to the party instead of the people. to support the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party admitted that in the past campaigning areas, there was a fair amount of resistance If there is an opportunity to still want to participate in supporting the development Nakhon Phanom next

for Mr. Somchob Nitipoj Currently a candidate MP for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, District 4, Nakhon Phanom, number 4, previously known as Pheu Thai MP candidate, District 4, Nakhon Phanom But because he used to run for president of the Nakhon Phanom Provincial Administrative Organization on behalf of the Pheu Thai Party and lost the election until there is no name as a candidate Member of the Pheu Thai Party therefore turned to join the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party but had to meet with currents against the government including the party not following the rules therefore had to come out and declare his position to refrain from campaigning

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