Rp. 6.5 million subsidies for electric motorcycles are criticized by the DPR

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The trend of electric vehicles in Indonesia continues to be driven by government Indonesia to be accomplished more quickly. Indeed, recently the government plans to provide subsidy Rp. 6.5 million for the people who buy it electric motor.

In this regard, DPR Commission VII member RI Mulyanto proposed that the government provide subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles manufactured Esemka.

According to him, the distributed subsidy will be beneficial for the development of the domestic auto industry.

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“Instead of subsidizing the purchase of motorcycles and electric cars made abroad, it’s better Government subsidize the purchase of the Esemka electric car. This is good stuff. Original work by the children of the nation,” Mulyanto said in an official statement on Thursday (8/12/2022).

As information, as of early February 2021, PT Solo Manufaktur Kreasi (Esemka) was exploring the development of an electric car. The Esemka electric car will be built from an existing base, that is, Esemka Bima.

Mulyanto also asked the government not to forget the existence of Esemka’s car. Since this car was directly introduced and promoted by President Joko Widodo so that the condition has not yet been completed, 60,000 units have been ordered.

“People will flock to Esemka auto dealers wherever they are. In the past, without any subsidies, orders have reached 60,000 units. Also, when subsidies are given, I estimate the number of orders can be up to three or four times.” Mulyanto said.

photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2022/12/08/064500215/subsidi-rp-65-juta-buat-motor-listrik-dapat-kritik-dari-dpr?page=2">Hip bone. NTMC Police Electric motorcycles at Surabaya Polrestabes traffic unit

According to the politician of the PKS faction, the subsidized purchase of the Esemka electric car will have a positive impact on the national economic growth. This is because if there are more subsidies, more people will order Esemka cars, and more workers will be absorbed in the future.

“This will be an impetus for the revival of the domestic auto industry. And as children of the nation, we will all support it. Only Malaysia and Vietnam will mentally see this development,” Mulyanto said.

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Previously, Mulyanto assessed the Rp 6.5 million subsidy scheme for people buying electric motorcycles as far-fetched. Giving subsidies for electric motorsaccording to him, it will only benefit the businessmen, while the small community will not benefit from it.

“Instead of subsidizing the purchase of motorcycles and electric cars, the government would do better to focus on building ecosystems green energy. Including subsidizing the provision of public facilities and infrastructure green energy. If it subsidizes the purchase of motorcycles and electric cars, only people who can afford it can enjoy it,” Mulyanto said.

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